• Yellow Dragon Fruit

    The fruit’s 21 degrees Brix is a competitive and comparative advantage over other dragon fruit varieties in the world.

    from October to April

  • Kabocha Squash

    Gourmet squash of Japanese origin that is gaining popularity among chefs and consumers.

    from February to April

  • Butternut Squash

    Creamy, sweet and deep orange in colour; it has become a star to accompany meats.

    from February to July

  • Peanut Squash

    Speciality squash, ideal for preparing soups, smoothies and purées.

    from March to July

  • Tropicana Squash

    A well-balanced flavour, one of the most consumed varieties in Europe.

    from March to July

  • Muscat Squash

    It stands out mainly for the size of its fruit, which can weigh up to 25 kilos.

    from March to July

  • Carruecano Squash

    It stands out for its large size and elongated shape, it can reach 20 cm in diameter.

    from March to July

  • Delicata Squash

    Custom-sized and highly attractive gourmet squash. Excellent for stuffing and baking.

    from March to July

  • Sweet Onion

    Soft, tender, sweet: this is the onion that all salads want because it brings a great flavour with no aftertaste.

    from September to March

  • White Onion

    Its flavour and texture have made it the queen of hearty salads and quick cooking.

    from February to March

  • Red Onion

    Very easy to identify due to its attractive purple or red exterior. Its bulbs are medium in size.

    from January to March

  • Baby Seedless Watermelon

    A new concept of watermelon, perfect for singles or small families due to its mini format.

    from July to September